The student

In the frame of his/her school or university linguistic stay, if he/she makes the choice of accommodation within a French family, he/she can, thus, take a better advantage of the practice of the French language and culture within his/her host family.


The trainee

The trainee (professional and others…), generally already adults, selects for the same reasons the ‘accommodation in half-board’ option.


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Foreign students will also be able to obtain housing assistance:

Housing assistance may be provided to students who occupy a room in a private home.

The amount of assistance is calculated according to your resources, your family situation and the amount of your rent. Foreign students can also benefit from it.

You can simulate the amount of assistance you will be entitled to on, under Students.

After a study of your file and your situation, CAF will provide you with assistance.

You will be able to make your request and deposit your housing assistance documents directly online on the CAF website a copy of the identity card, front and back, of the family who will host you, a certificate of housing dated and signed by the family who will host you.

A proof of residence of the family who will host you, your bank information (bank account number)






Before your arrival within the family, you must read the INTERIOR RULES Read the Interior Rules

Read the Interior Rules